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Maria Costanza

Maria Costanza

Saint Emilion Grand Cru

Saint Emilion Grand Cru


Why the Fox?

On Kevin and Nicole's first business trip to Italy, the husband and wife team drove all over the country meeting with producers and touring vineyards.  One evening in Sicily, as they trekked toward the top of Mount Etna, a fox emerged from the fog - out of the barren, lava layered landscape.  The fox casually sat down in front of them on a black volcanic rock.  

It was a special moment for them. That little Sicilian fox now symbolizes Rapp Wine's choice to work with regions and varietals that are found off of the beaten path.  We prefer the road less traveled, and its little surprises that greet us along the way; typically, when we least expect them.


The Team

The Rapp family has local business in their blood.  Their entrepreneurial endeavours in Washington, DC date back to 1856, when Co-Founder and President Kevin Rapp's great-great-great grandfather opened a small tin roofing company at 1248 7th St NW.  

Today, the national import company is led by husband and wife team - Kevin and Nicole.  Along with the support of their team, they work tirelessly each day to supply authentic wines of superior quality and value to the residents in Washington.   



Our business is all about relationships.  We have met our partners through travel, social media, trade shows and referrals.  These partners become an extension of our family.  We are proud to join them on the forefront of delivering artisanal wines for all to enjoy.    


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