Our Story

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Rapp Wine is a national wine & spirits importer, owned by husband and wife team, Kevin & Nicole Rapp. Rapp Wine operates as a wholesaler in Washington, DC and Montgomery County, MD. From the start, Rapp Wine has had one goal:

"To supply authentic wine & spirits of superior quality and value"

A simple thought, but a challenging task. The ability to offer better wine & spirits than those offered by competitors at the same prices, is achieved through experience, research, relationships, and luck. Rapp Wine's process begins and ends with relationships. Without the collaborative efforts of our producers, shippers, distributors, and retail/restaurant clients; our goal would be unattainable. 

We have found our partners through travel, trade shows, LinkedIn, Facebook, and referrals. They all share our same goal. Rapp Wine has always placed equal importance on the quality of the people we work with, as we do on the quality of product that they produce.

We often choose lesser known regions and native grape varietals from family-owned estates & vineyards throughout the world. Low production volume and unfamiliar brand names make it a challenge for our producers to find import and distribution partners in the United States. We are proud to join them on the forefront of delivering artisanal wines & spirits that everyone can enjoy.

The producers and families that we represent are an extension of our family. Our partners share a commitment to the environment and use sustainable production processes.  We are so happy to have the opportunity to share their art with you. Together, we can help provide better access to and understanding of excellent quality wines & spirits for everyone.